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Growth story of The Orchid

Vithal Kamat is a popular name in the hospitality industry. The hotel industry dominated mostly by South Indians, was slowly but steadily occupied by a Mumbai man Vithal Kamat. Although his father was into the hotel business, his aspirations were high which resulted in a chain of hotels internationally and on major national highways in India. This is Vithal Kamat for the readers. Let’s take a peek into his success story.

Vithal Kamath was born in Grant Road Mumbai in the Kamat family. His family’s income was not very high. However, the focus was on hard work to make their ends meet. Vithal Kamat’s father Venkatesh was into the hotel business. Kamat’s mother was of the opinion that he should scale his father’s business. However, Kamat wanted to expand his family hotel business in the entire world. Meanwhile, Kamat completed his engineering degree.

Kamat started working as a chef to understand the tricks of the business. The family’s Hotel ‘Satkar’ was running into a good position. However, Kamat took a huge decision of his life and spoke about it to his father. He wanted to work in the hotels of the world and get practical knowledge before starting his own business. His father agreed to make Kamat ecstatic. Further, without wasting any time he reached London and started working as a cook in the hotels. Kamat would do all kinds of work and would get 75 pounds per week. He would learn the new duties through which he started understanding the working of the hospitality industry.

Starting and running a hotel business is team work. He learned how to handle the main chef, his assistants and how to develop a team among others. Kamat learned his lessons by working in hotels across the globe instead of going to a hotel management institute. He came back to India and started working for expanding his family business. Although he started towards enhancing his family business, his dreams were big and took steps in executing it. Meanwhile, he came to know that ‘Plasma’ hotel near Santacruz Airport was for sale and he decided to cash on it. He arranged the finance from various sources and bought it. He started the first ecotel five-star hotel in the country and named it ‘Orchid’.

After starting the first ecotel five-star hotel, he upgraded his business through franchises. Today, Kamat’s hotels are located on the major national highways. He has also expanded his business by setting up hotels in 450 locations around the world. Vithal Kamat’s success story is really inspiring to young entrepreneurs. 

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