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Coffee, conversations and more

Coffee and chats always gel well with each other. Earlier, irani restaurants were popular for their "chai" and were hangouts for many people. Many business ideas and movie scripts were made in these restaurants. Later coffee cafes became popular in the 90's and one brand that swept the world with its concept and is still popular was "Cafe Coffee Day" which was started by Coffee Day Global Limited.

"A lot can happen over a coffee" is a slogan of Cafe Coffee Day who has more than 2000 outlets in various states of India with international outlets in Austria, Czech Republic and Malaysia among others. Cafe Coffee Day was started in the year 1996 at Brigade Road, Bengaluru. The brand was started by V. G. Siddhartha, Chairman, Coffee Day Global Limited.

The idea of starting a cafe and selling a coffee for half a dollar came to Mr Siddhartha in 1994. He shared his idea of starting Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) with an IIM graduate who gave him a 20-page report about how the idea will not work. One night while dining with a friend in Singapore, he noticed people having drinks and browsing internet. This time he was determined and consulted another IIM graduate again with a negative response. However, it didn't stop him and soon he opened the first Cafe Coffee Day outlet. As they say, rest is history.

Gradually, CCD became popular hangout with youngsters. It became a favourite meeting point for young and old, who starting having fun and serious talks over a cup of hot coffees. Their coffees are sourced from thousands of small coffee planters. Slowly, the cafe also started selling cold coffees, sandwiches and burgers among others. The company also diversified itself into subsidiaries like Coffee Day Fresh N Ground, Coffee Day Square, Coffee Day Xpress, Coffee Day Beverages, Coffee Day Exports, Coffee Day Perfect and Coffee B2C plant.