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Enrich your customer relationship

We have seen boards in the hotel,‘Customer is king and he never bargains’, ‘Order once placed cannot be canceled’ or ‘Booking can be canceled before 15 days of the actual date to get the refund’. Although they may sound hilarious or even a ‘put-off’, these signboards in some way connect with the customers. Earlier, these signboards help in getting information about the hotel. However, now the scenario is different. Hotels have become customer centric and the reason behind the same is customers have become aware about their rights. Hotels try to be ahead in this competitive world giving one of the best customer experience.

Flourishing of internet and social media have made people more informed and hotels look to provide best facilities to its customers. To make their customer happy, hotels need to do few things. Hotels need to make their consumers special and hence engage with your customers when they book or before they arrive at your hotel. Even if they have few months to arrive, communicate with them through email and check about their accommodation and food preferences. In fact, look for potential customers who have possibility of booking and try to connect with them in a positive way. This could make them happy to book rooms with you.

Welcome your customers by addressing personally with a warm smile and pay attention to small details. Make tea-coffee easily available and serve all types of cuisines for breakfast. In case they enquire about your location, you should be able to address their queries promptly. Make their room ready and add some touch to their stay. You can keep chocolates or sweet treats to impress them on their special days. Regular cleaning of the room and changing linen during their stay is most important. Be a good listener when a customer comes with complaints and queries instead of arguing over trivial issues. Paying attention to their suggestions and making their comfortable is vital.