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Embellish hotel rooms for comfortable stay

Hospitality industry has been upgraded over the years and it has evolved from dharamshala, saray, lodging, boarding rooms and now modern luxury category hotels. Earlier, staying in a hotel was very rare as people use to stay at relative’s place if they go for travel. However, now the trends have changed as people are looking for hotels. Hotels have also upgraded themselves in terms of comfortable stay. Today, we have variety of hotels at places that suit our budget and comfort. The hospitality industry has certainly taken a leap and people are accepting the change.

Nowadays, internet easily helps us to choose hotels we prefer through advance booking. The vast world of internet not only offers direct booking but also booking through various hospitality websites. Apart from booking, we can also compare hotels for our convenience. Hotel may be equipped with modern amenities and good surroundings. However, what excites customers most is the hotel room. A hotel room needs to be minimalistic and not extravagant. Although it should have basic amenities, but should not be overboard as well. If you have budget hotel and looking for some economic rooms in your hotel, you can do it easily.

Hoteliers need to keep in mind that customers check the images of the room and the first thing they notice is linen and curtains. Apart from being clean, the linen should be elegant and not too tacky. Choose the colours of the linen wisely. The paint of the room should gel with the colour of the linen. Don’t go for too dark or lustrous wall paints. Go for simple and neutral tones that will please the eyes of the customers after a long travel. Putting pictures that appeal on the wall of the room is important. You can highlight the wall with local art, hotel surroundings or your state tourism pictures. Even the furniture should not be too over powering. Although bed is mandatory, you can have a writing table, two chairs, cupboard or storage among others. Apart from the room, even the wash area should be neat with minimum necessities. Though not exaggerated, the room should be impressive enough for the guests.