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Crossing the boundaries of South

Food industry has been evolving over the years and many entrepreneurs have been experimenting in terms of new cuisines and fresh concepts. There are few entrepreneurs who have created niches in their work and have given altogether different experience through their culinary skills. These people who want to be different bring revolution in the field of hospitality. Hospitality industry has been boasting of such entrepreneurs since many years. These entrepreneurs have understood their customers and know their work well. Their aim is to strive for the best and give an enriching experience through their work.

One name that made traditional South Indian vegetarian cuisine popular abroad as well is Saravana Bhavan by P. Rajagopal. Mr Rajagopal was born in Punnaiyadi, a small village in Tuticorin district in a farmer’s family. His family came from an economically backward background. After completing few years of education, he came to Chennai and worked at a general store and later opened his general provision store in K.K Nagar, Chennai. In 1981, he founded Saravana Bhavan in Chennai which became the largest South Indian vegetarian restaurant.

Later, in 1992, on his visit to Singapore, he observed the functioning of fast food joints like McDonalds and used them as a model. During 1990s, the chain of Saravana Bhavan spread out through neighbouring locations in Chennai. In 2000, Saravana Bhavan opened its first international branch through a franchise in Dubai. Later, the chain expanded to 20 outlets in Chennai, 33 in India and 47 around the world including countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and Middle East. Their USP is getting ‘home cooked food’ who stay away from their family without compromising on the quality and taste. It encouraged a new wave of entreprenurs and provided breakthrough who wanted to try something different from the regular path.