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What happens when you are too busy in your office meeting and you want something hot in this monsoon season? You are seating at home in the evening craving for your favourite sandwich and are struck up with some urgent work to go to your sandwich corner. Earlier, you had to order directly from them through phone or going to their place. However, the scenario is changed and you can order your food through third parties. These third parties take your order and collect it from your favourite restaurant. It has become that simple.

The working of these services is very easy wherein you download their application on smart phones and order through it. No need to call and tell your order. The best part is you can order anywhere in the radius of 5km and they deliver it to you. You don’t have to listen to reasons like lot of orders, absence of delivery boys and long distance among others. These professional services allow you track your order and give you detailed time about your food being prepared and picked up from the restaurant. Nowadays, most bigger food chains and even local restaurants are associated with these services making it easier for consumers.

What’s more, these services also give offers and discounts on bulk orders and frequent deliveries. The competition between these delivery applications make a way for new concepts, festival offers and special day discounts among others. Nowadays, there are several mobile applications like Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda and Uber Eats among others. Even E-commerce Amazon is entering into food delivery business. These services indirectly fuel the growth in hospitality industry thereby increasing the sales and promoting the brands. Customers are attracted to these applications for ordering their food and hospitality industry has been entering a new arena through these services.