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Advertise in a digital way

Marketing has been a popular concept since early ages. Earlier, marketing was started with humble beginnings by selling goods and services. As civilization came into being, man started to become social and understood the need of co-existing. Earlier ideas of marketing were selling the goods by presenting it in a particular way. Apart from the desirable display, the communication skills of the marketer matter a lot. It needed to be persuasive and pleasing to attract the customers. Later, when the individual industries developed, the role for marketing changed. The hospitality industry was mostly dependent on mouth publicity. However, later the scenario changed.

Hotel industry started developing a lot in the 90s and it saw transition in the later years. Earlier, marketing was restricted to mouth publicity, advertisements through pamphlets and posters among others. However, the introduction of internet changed the setup. Earlier marketing fundamentals were more on right way to reach the target audience. However, now marketing is based on combining strategy and technology. The focus is to attract and gather faithful customers to the brand. It is continuous effort of maintaining old customers and bringing new customers. Internet brought the revolution in the dynamics of marketing.

Nowadays, digital marketing has become a buzzword. Internet marketing that started with website and email-alerts has now widened the horizon. The impact of smart phones has brought internet in the pockets of customers. The influence of social media, google adverts and mobile phone applications created an impressive platform for entreprenurs. Even the hospitality industry started striving and booming in the digital era. Most of the hotels and restaurants increased their reach and digital marketing became a winner. Digital marketing has now improved the dynamics of the business and is getting right advertising for its brand. Woodstock Hospitality is one company who has been assisting in creating hospitality brands through right start, planning, execution and marketing. The company has understood the need for digital marketing fundamentals to strive in the healthy and competitive  hospitality business.