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A Traditional Delicacy - Hyderabadi Irani Chai

Hyderabad, popularly known as “City of Nizams” has been the hub of historical legacy and cultural innovations for centuries. The city is famous for its tasty blend of multiple cuisines such as Mughal, Irani, Andhra. These delicacies are not just served here, its pride in Hyderabad. 

The famous Irani Chai took birth here. Just like many delicacies, the history of typical sweet milky 90 ml Irani Chai is intriguing. Around the 19th century, the Persian immigrants who settled in Hyderabad brought the culture of Cafes in the city. Gradually,  Locals started visiting cafes and to cater to them, Persians innovated Irani Chai. The taste of chai was a different experience for the Hyderabadis and that’s why it went popular among them. Today people of Hyderabad slurp the tasty Irani Chai with Osmania biscuit or Lukmi every day in the morning.

You must be thinking - What’s so special with Irani Chai? Well, the preparation of tasty Irani Chai is not simple. The time consumption is high and it needs special vessels to prepare it. A copper tea vessel covered with thick cloth for the steaming process and a tap attached is used, Tea leaves are boiled on low flame for hours to get the maximum flavor out of it. Boiled and sweetened full cream milk is used to enhance the flavors of tea. The ready tea is typically served in a white ceramic cup and saucer.  If you are looking for a lighter, less creamy Irani Tea version, you can opt for ‘Pauna’. 

With changing times, not many who ventured into Irani Cafes survived but some those who managed to tackle the change serves the iconic Irani Chai to Hyderabad with love & pride. One of the oldest cafe named ‘ The Grand Hotel’ claims to be the first cafe to serve the Irani chai in the city. With around 30 Irani cafe in the city, famous joints are Garden Cafe, Farasha Cafe, Sarvi Cafe, Shah Ghouse Cafe and more. We strongly recommend you to try Irani Chai in Hyderabad at least once in a lifetime. It’s truly a tradition served in a cup! 

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