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How to Improve Hotel Bookings with Email Marketing?

Remember the days when your mail inbox used to be almost empty with only 2-3 relevant work mails? Well, times have changed and so is our mail inbox. Today, it is full of three types of emails -Primary, Social and Promotions. Every marketer understands the importance of email marketing. Although it is a powerful promotional tool, making it to the end-user is a tough job. 

Hotel world is majorly about human relations and services. In such a business sector, sending an email with some perks offered is not enough, you need to really market your hotel in a way that brings a humanitarian touch to your communication. By this, we don’t mean long feedback stories but a personally crafted message can help in grabbing the attention of the target audience better. Understand your reader’s demographics such as age, gender, occupation, income, and psychographics like lifestyle, behavior, etc before you draft an emailer. For instance, you want to promote your banquet hall for small gatherings. The target mail receiver can be mid-aged (30 to 45 years) women. You can blast an emailer with interesting game ideas for a Kitty Party.  After all, perfect communication to target customers at the right time is the real mantra. 

Interestingly, a mail with the headline “We’ve figured out the secret of Spa Therapy” will have more probability to drive people to the Hotel website than the headline “Enjoy Spa Therapy at XYZ Hotel”.  Make your reader curious about the mail content. Let them absorb some knowledge from you and the interested readers will surely fetch for more ways to connect and reap the benefits and that’s the point where your marketing effort turns into sales agenda. Now that you know more about prospect clients, make sure you approach them with a more personal tone. Make them feel that you know them and would love to provide hospitality services to them at special rates or with perks added. 

Hotel Promotions are more effective when you have a good brand value and reputation in the market. Woodstock Digital handles Digital Marketing, Branding services for many renowned Hotel Groups. We always keep our eyes on market scenarios, trends and of course the progress status of our Hotel clients. Leave your Hotel’s email marketing on us for better bookings and revenue generation in the near future.