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How to get business leads from social media ?

If you are a business owner, you would have definitely thought of marketing your product at big level but at the same time, you must be skeptical about the way traditional media works. Questions about the cost incurred, return on investment, type of advertising and a lot more almost invoke the alienated feeling. 

Well, It’s 2019 and the world of social media has gone beyond a friend request. It has emerged as a platform with the potential to generate more qualified leads than other mediums. Many entrepreneurs feel that having a facebook account is good for business reputation management. Well, it is definitely but nowadays the horizon of social media platforms has got bigger and businesses to use it as a strong tool to get valuable leads. 

Ideally, Online channels can generate around 50% of your business irrespective of the business type. Stepping back from social media just because you own a simple tools industry is a wrong move. Any business, any size, any product/service- Social media has customers for all. 

Let’s say you run a Hotel and looking for leads on social media. We would recommend you to pay attention to the points below to maximize your brand value and leads.

Right Channel 

Social media is vast. You got to research before starting with your strategy implementation. Since the Hotel is B2C, you can simply opt for Facebook and Instagram. Start by revamping your social media handles just as rich as your website. Fill in all the details, keep it short and catchy.

Engagement Activities

Make sure you brand your hotel as a  customer-centric hospitality service. Engage your followers with various contests, create events, live chats with famous chefs, bodybuilders for gym promotions. While you all these, never forget to divert them to your hotel’s website with an appropriate call to action such as Sign Up, Avail Offer, Call Now, Book Now buttons. 

Paid Ads

Of course, Facebook does that. An ultimate shortcut to get qualified leads in minimum cost is through advertising online. You can customize your lead generation ad and get the most eligible contacts. 

Reputation Management

Once a customer is always a customer. Understand negative feedback can harm your hotel’s image drastically. Make sure your social media team is prompt enough to tackle bad reviews and reply in an apologetic yet positive tone. In the end, a business that cares for customers, prosper!

By following these steps you can fetch good clients in the ocean of opportunities ie Social media. Woodstock Hospitality strongly believes good online presence matters a lot when your business is B2C. We are a professional digital marketing company for the hospitality niche. Our clientele includes big, reputed hotels. You can also connect with us for your hotel’s digital marketing needs and we ensure you complete assistance to grow your business and generate qualified leads online.